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Candle Making For Beginners: Three Important Steps

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This question is frequently asked by people who have made candles. People are often surprised to find out that candle making is more than just melting wax, adding color and fragrance, and finally putting it in a container with a wick. It’s not just a craft. It’s also a science. You must research, test and experiment again. This is just like any other science. It can be costly and time-consuming.

It does not matter if you make a candle to give away, to yourself, or market, it is important to take it seriously. It will take time to create a perfect candle. It might take months to create a candle with a great scent that is properly made. This article will not teach you how to make a candle. However, it will help you to get started, research what you need, where to find the right materials and how to test your candles.

Step 1: Do Your Research

The most important thing is to educate yourself about candle-making. This will make the process simpler and help avoid any future headaches.

The internet is full of information about candle-making. Start by searching for candle-making supplies. Then, you can browse the sites of suppliers who cater to hobbyists as well as candle makers.

Here are some facts you should know.

Waxes: What kind of waxes is there? How are waxes made to perform? What are the most efficient methods of melting and pouring waxes?

Additional Ingredients: What are the available additives and how are they used

Containers, Molds, And Containers: Different containers can be more or less easy to use. To wick, large-mouthed jars and jars with odd shapes can be difficult. Making votives or pillars with molds is not the same as making them from containers.

Fragrance Oils And Dyes: Do you know how much fragrance oil to add to your wax? Where can you find strong fragrance oils from the most reliable suppliers? What is the best time to add fragrance to wax? What are the types of dyes available? How can you dye the wax?

Step 2: Order Supplies In Small Quantities

The biggest mistakes that are seen in new candle makers is buying too many candle supplies. They hope to make a great candle in just a few days. Only to find out that it is not working out the way they planned. Buy supplies only in small quantities, and use them for testing purposes.

Nearly all of the suppliers have encountered sell wicks either in packs of five or ten. Many suppliers also sell wick samplers.

Step 3: Test All Candles And Keep Notations

Although it may seem like a tedious and stressful step, testing is crucial in candle-making. Would you like your candles to be flaming? No. You don’t want candles that burn unevenly. No.

Some waxes, containers, or wicks may not work with other chemists. Some fragrance oils won’t work with soy wax; some containers won’t work well together with others wicks, and so on. This will resolve all problems.

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