Signs That You Need A New Bra

Bras are probably the most controversial piece of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if you love it or hate it, the bra is an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. You probably don’t think enough about it. It’s often the first thing women take off when they return home.

You might be constantly changing your bra, or daydreaming about the day when your bra will unhook and all your worries are gone. These are signs it is time to get a new bra.

It Is More Than Six Months Old

Let’s start with the stylists’ golden rule: Replace plus size bras every six months or after 180 years. It will be more difficult to replace a bra that you have worn every day. It’s hard to tell you but if your bra(s) has been in your rotation for many years, it will wear out faster. It’s difficult to let go of a bra that has supported you through good and bad times, from black dresses and comfortable hoodies. But your shoulders, back and bust will be grateful.

The Band Is Stretched Out

Are you constantly trying to adjust a bra that slides up and down your back, or tighten it to the best setting possible? The bra is too worn and should be replaced with something more durable.

Straps Are Too Loose

Are you finding yourself doing gymnastic-level moves to reposition your straps when they slip down on your shoulder? Do you find the slippage is too much? It’s something we’ve all experienced. It’s time to throw the bra out if the strap is not over your shoulder, and you have adjusted it as best you can.

Cups Are Too Big Or Too Stretched Out

Do the cups pucker or gape when you lift your arms or bend forward? If they do, it means that the cups aren’t supporting you in any way.

The Underwire Is Uncomfortable Or Even Painful

An underwire can be a problem, especially if it’s an old bra. It’s time to get rid of that bra if you notice loose wires peeking out at your armpits.

Fabric Is Starting To Fall Apart

You should get rid of any bras that have tiny pieces of fabric sticking out of the cups or bands. The elastic may have become frayed and you won’t be able to make your bra fit again. You don’t want the fibres sticking out of your clothes.

The Bra Doesn’t Work With Your Current Wardrobe

Sometimes it is not the bra that has changed but you and your style. It’s time for you to replace your outdated bra collection with something that will fit in your current wardrobe. Perhaps your cup size or band has changed after having a baby. Perhaps you don’t wear many blouses for strapless women. Perhaps you have ditched underwires in favour of bralettes or comfortable sweats. No matter what your style preference, ensure you have a bra that fits your body perfectly.

Are you wearing bras that display any of these signs? You’re in good company. It’s time for you to shop! You will likely need to try on several bras before you find the perfect fit. But once you do, you’ll be in closet heaven. Your old bras don’t have to go straight to the trash. Bras in good condition can be donated to local shelters or thrift shops. You can also find local clothing recycling facilities to recycle those that can’t save.

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