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Fantastic Tips for Visiting Liberia with a Girlfriend

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Have you ever visited Liberia? Let us highlight some amazing places in the city created by liberated slaves. You will come across numerous delightful sightseers while experiencing the smoothest of rides. This nation was established on the darker history of the 18th and 19th centuries and is famed for symbolising newfound emancipation for former slaves.
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Monrovia is a fast-paced and sophisticated city that is home to more than one million Liberians. Visit this landmark, which is a source of electricity in the country’s biggest metropolis. Many rumbling bush taxis may be seen in the centre, drifting over potholed roadways. Check out all of the beautiful sites here, as well as Broad Street, which is nestled between the Mesurado River’s meanders and the Atlantic Ocean.

National Park Sapo
Sapo National Park is the most well-known of Liberia’s two national parks, drawing a large number of tourists. This park is noted for having one of the world’s greatest mammal biodiversity counts. This park covers an area of 1,804 square kilometres in the Upper Guinean Rainforest. So, prepare to make some of the finest memories here by exploring the old-growth forests and seeing some of the local wildlife, such as leopards, pygmy hippopotami and speckle-throated otters, white-crested Diana monkeys, crocodiles, and chimps.

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Robertsport is the king of all surfing places in Liberia, and it is at the vanguard of the country’s current tourist push. This beach region attracts flocks of long-haired wave riders with board wax to enjoy surfing troupes. Drop in to this breathtaking location to enjoy water sports while hitting the rolling Atlantic waves that smack the Fisherman’s Point, Cassava, and Cotton Trees. Keep an eye out for surfers enjoying the waves who have been trained at surf schools that have sprung up nearby. Many travellers come here to hike the coastal sections and discover the beautiful expanses of Cape Mount Bay. Check out the magnificent collection of wood and stone churches that along the coast.

Buchanan is a well-known beach located south of Monrovia, a three-hour trip away by rumbling bush taxi, together with the coastal city of Buchanan. This beach provides a fair insight of the coastal nature of West Africa. First, go to this beach, which is surrounded by swaying palm trees and has a large play area in the shallows for groups of local youngsters. Then, drop by this beautiful stretch of beach bars for some nightlife, which is situated amongst crumbling bamboo shacks along the sea.

Gbarnga is another well-known tourist destination, with large ramshackle cities, blossoming woods of interior Liberia, and wide mud plains. This location is the regional capital of Bong County, with a rich history and tradition that has been maintained. This location was originally ruled by the famed political and rebel leader Charles Taylor, who coordinated the acts of many civil conflicts in the region throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Visit this location, which also houses the over 100-year-old Cuttington University, one of the most respected in the nation.

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Harbel is an industrial outpost located near the Atlantic coast on the Farmington River. The harbel is located around the spot where Marshall and the beaches of the tourist resorts south of Monrovia converge. This region is home to the world’s biggest rubber plantation and is surrounded by rubber tree woods. Visit this location and you will see several of them displaying the well-known corporate brand of Bridgestone tyres. Also known as the location of the Roberts International Airport, which serves as the primary access point to the nation’s northwestern region.

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